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Opti - Optometry Software

  • Advanced features

    Whether you change over from another system to Iberical-Opti, as a multiple or single business – there are virtually no limits to your options.

  • Exams

    Lets you define models for those types that you use the most and thus accelerate your daily work. Replacement schedule with reminders that will keep active records of the following applications. Images of all kinds related to each exam.

  • Comprehensive financial

    Includes all types of business documents, cash register module and a transaction book. Advanced administration of sales, purchases, orders, inventory, etc.

  • Organization of records

    Clients, suppliers, employees, products, etc. Personalized searches, intuitive, and fast. Allows you to keep a history of activities and attached documents for each record.

  • Organization of activities

    Complete calendar and reminder system that will allow you to organize your tasks and appointments, always alerting you which ones to attend to at any given moment.

  • Customizable design

    That adapts to your needs with precision, allowing you, among other things, to generate lists to your liking as well as all types of documents.

  • Effective communication

    Which will put in your hands the ability to initiate campaigns of mass distribution and client loyalty, increasing your monthly income.

  • Processing power

    Unlimited storage. You will be able to save all the information you desire. You will no longer need to use paper and your information will be available instantly.

  • Ready for any type of PC

    Be it desktop, laptop, netbook, or tablets with Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10.

  • High performance interface

    Converts the mouse into an option and your hand into your best work tool.

  • House Calls

    The only software on the market that will allow you to complete your tasks from anywhere, with or without Internet. Ideal for house calls. Works also on a network and in local and remote communications.

Full clinical records & scheduling

Comprehensive examination recording. Sketching tool incorporated within the exams. Easy printout of patient prescription on completion of examination. Record domiciliary visits in real time.

Comprehensive financial management

Includes POS, cash register module, and a transaction book with all types of business documents, various printing formats, multiple payment methods, debt management, doc modification and more.

Advanced administration & organization

Suppliers, invoices, inventory, purchases, orders, automatic updating of stock, various stats and lists that will allow you to clearly visualize the state of your business. Complete calendar and reminder system.


Video Training

Quick tutorial videos specially targeted to lead you from the beginners level up to expert in very easy and intuitive steps.

  • General Guides
  • Finance Management
  • POS Operations
  • Workflow

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